How the Damn Fine Words course would change my life

I love words, and especially how a certain word can describe something so perfectly.

Words are powerful and can evoke laughter, hurt feelings, and compel someone to take action among many other things. I’m thoughtful of what I say to others carefully considering the impact of my words before I speak.

Books about grammar and writing are as entertaining to me as nonfiction action stories. I discovered the Men with Pens newsletter about a year ago and have devoured every email that‘s entered my inbox since they’re full of the type of information I just love. I’m greedy for good information about good writing.

I’ve played with writing in different ways; cryptograms for a local newspaper, letters to the editor, letters to companies with feedback on their products, song lyrics and heartfelt cards and letters to my family and friends among many other things. I receive satisfaction from writing and the appreciative feedback I get is rewarding. Now I want to use words in a different way – to earn money.

I have 40 years of employment the same company. It’s been a good 40 years but over time my desire to have my own business has grown and grown. For the last two years I’ve been reading every blog post, email or article about starting and marketing a business that I could get my hands on.  One of the things that I read over and over is that you don’t have to know the answer to every question before you start but I’m crystal clear on one thing: I must learn to need to learn to write what people want to read in order to maintain an online presence.

I don’t want to waste another minute of time to start working towards acquiring that level of skill. My heart leapt when I saw that Men with Pens was having a contest with the prize of an entry into the Damn Fine Words course. Described as cross between a writing and business course, I thought PERFECT, because I need both! I read the rules and the testimonials that were on the website and what a pang of desire I felt as I read recommendation after recommendation of the course.  It was so very obvious that the course is effective – I was reading the results! The participants wrote in such a genuine, interesting and resonating way that I was completely sold on the effectiveness of the Men Damn Fine Words course.  I want to write like that and the Damn Fine Words course can get me there! Damn it!

This course would change my life by giving me the tools to communicate in an effective convincing manner. I can visualize the gates of communication flying open! I have so many thoughts and ideas that I want to express in writing. I need the expertise, counsel and help of the Damn Fine Words folks to teach me to write in a way that will make people want to come back for more. I want the support of the Damn Fine Words people while I step up with courage to write from an authentic and even vulnerable place.

I want the accountability of participating in a group and having step by step framework to learn to write great content. I have the commitment and tenacity to see it through.

Please please please pick me!

The Damn Fine Words Course would change my life by:

  • Helping me to finally realize my lifelong dream of being my own boss. Glory Alleluia! The course will teach me about both writing and business – two skills that I really need to begin my journey.
  • Helping me gain recognition through writing. People will know who I am and what I have to offer and I will be able to maintain an online presence.
  • Helping me to unlock ideas, and find clarity and inspiration through writing. This would help my business and also help me personally.
  • Helping me find the courage to write from a sincere and authentic place. This will lead to my living a more authentic life
  • Giving me confidence to write without reservation knowing that I’ve learned the skills to do so.
  • Giving me the skills to write with greater speed since time is limited and there’s so much to write!
  • Supercharging my communication skills which will help me to build relationships for all reasons but especially for my business. I want to connect more with people! Connecting with others will help foster better business relationships and bring more meaning to my life. 

What I would do with the new skills that I’ve learned through the Damn Fine Words course.

Below is a list of a few ways that I would use my skills. These things came right off the top of my head because they’re things I think about a lot. I’m sure I could think of many more:

  1. Writing sparkling recommendation of the Damn Fine Words course on the Men With pens website and future mentions in blogs and other communications
  2. Writing an engaging blog/newsletter that will grow and grow my email list
  3. Creating a webpage with interesting information so that people want to keep coming back
  4. Writing articles for pay
  5. Writing ebooks
  6. Writing a memoir
  7. Writing LinkedIn recommendations
  8. Toastmaster Speeches/Presentations
  9. Letters of Reference
  10. My LinkedIn in Profile Summary
  11. EBay Auction descriptions and descriptions for other sales venues
  12. Effective Letters for both Business and Personal reasons
  13. Editorials
  14. Marketing on Social Media – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat
  15. Marketing emails and forms
  16. Feedback to people whose blogs I read

With the help of the Damn Fine Words course I’ll learn how to create content that provides value and draws people to my website and to have fun doing it at the same time. Please James, show me the way.